Daily Meds Feb 11, 2021

Daily Meditations, or Daily Meds, are a collection of quick-hitting thoughts meant to help you focus your own personal meditative practice each morning. Read the Daily Med, but don’t dwell on it too long. Take the feeling into a fifteen minute meditation and see how your outlook slowly improves each day.

Without his mind, what is he?”

The only way to get smarter is to get dumber. A thinking man’s greatest fear is for a situation to arise that he has yet to consider. Not only does he find himself in temporary chaos, having to act on instinct rather than calculation, but his confidence also wanes, for he no longer can view his life through the lens of ultimate preparedness. He spends a lifetime memorizing colloquialisms and building a firm attachment to the maxims of the earth, until every situation he encounters can be neatly placed into the correct bin in the appropriate aisle of his consciousness warehouse. In moments of peace he expects impending pain. The tension he feels is suffocating because without his intelligence, what is he? All the information and experience has led to a filtered life in which new stimuli must be undermined if the structural integrity of the intellect is to remain intact. But what if you stop thinking and start embracing every moment as permanent chaos, as an adventure to be taken or a wave to be ridden? Feelings of inadequacy or stupidity barely make a sound compared to the roar of thrilling new knowledge. Train your instincts to be amazing, and then act on them always.