Leave Britney (and Conservatives) Alone!

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How the Left’s Latest Attempt to Scold the World Completely Undermines Their Own Ideology

A few weeks ago The New York Times, a for-profit storytelling company in which half of the employees anonymously admitted that they are afraid to speak freely for fear of retribution, released a documentary about pop star Britney Spears that aimed to criticize the undue media attention that the singer received during her early years in the business. Although the Times hesitated to point many fingers, the documentary made it abundantly clear that companies and cohorts fully aligned with their own leftist editorial views were primarily to blame, which turned the entire event into some warped show of contrition without actually righting any of the wrongs. That’s right, like a division one school imposing a bowl ban in a losing year to appease the NCAA, The New York Times attempted to point out all of the wrongdoings of a culture that they themselves and their ideological allies have both created and protected for decades, without taking any real blame. Of course, according to the leftist manifesto, someone must pay—even if the crimes were carried out by their own allies. One guess who they are choosing…

The documentary focused heavily on the intense cultural media machine that gnawed on the singer’s personal life like a dog with a bone for years—a machine entirely operated by proud leftist sympathizers and sycophants. How the most brutally ruthless business of them all (entertainment & media) gets away with also claiming to be the most tolerant and endearing never ceases to amaze. In the doc, Los Angeles paparazzi stalked Spears’s every move, magazine editors paid top dollar for her most vulnerable moments, and talk show hosts asked misogynistic questions about her body. Every single possible cliché that the modern media outrage machine claims to hate was perpetrated by its very own architects just a few years ago. And had anyone objected back then? Let her be sexy; let her be herself; let her be a young hot mogul; this would have been the standard retort back then to any conservative social dissent that questioned an 18-year-old in lingerie, holding a stuffed animal, on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine being poked and prodded about her breast size and virginity status.

It’s the exact same logic that was once invoked in the argument against heavy violence, sex, and criminal behavior in other entertainment mediums like film and video games: until we decide otherwise, you’re being too sensitive; it’s really not that bad. Entertainment can be chosen, though; unfortunately, in 2021, politics really can’t be escaped, which is why this type of reasoning doesn’t belong in the political space. But time and again this exclusionary line of reasoning gets invoked for anything that the left covets, be it abortion, racial guilt and privilege, or economic anarchy: my body my choice, you’ll never understand, let us handle it and stay in your lane. Anyone with a functioning mind would have seen this hot mess of obvious indecency in 2003 and thought it odd at the very least; perhaps even disgusting depending on your viewpoint. Non-leftists see the very same protectionary logic plaguing the modern political discourse and find it both odd and disgusting, as well. Most of all it is exhausting.

The New York Times had the perfect opportunity to fall on the cultural sword, just this once, and take at least partial blame for the world they’ve created. But what did they do instead? They doubled down on their lack of self-awareness by highlighting one incredibly cruel conservative comment from the time, in which the wife of former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich, a Republican, directly attacked Spears for her sexuality. Even in their one pure moment of self-reflection, the Times couldn’t help but blame conservatives (who, rightly, do deserve some blame as well for their total and utter lack of public relations skills). Of course, no liberal contrition was expressed by anyone, and the current frenzy of woke tweeting continues daily without even a hint of irony that it was their allies (many of whom still work in the industry today), not enemies, who committed the majority of the social crimes. We broke it, now you buy it, says the oblivious left. Stand back and let us fix this broken world! LOL, sure, whatever.

How many more times are we going to let them get away with being the loudest, most ignorant voice in the classroom? The contrived moral hypocrisy and moving of the goal posts by leftist agitators in modern discourse seems to gain momentum with each passing day. They say intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. And yet, so eager are leftists to appear transcendent to common sense reality and woke to some contrived reality that they have essentially begun demanding tomatoes go into the fruit salad, just in order to prove their inclusivity.

If you’re going to completely buck conventional wisdom, which, you know, is conventional for a reason, in favor of pure intelligence, you better at least be smart enough to get your facts straight at every turn. But no, instead of trying to persuade a world who already knows what makes fruit salad taste good to maybe expand their horizons with some citrusy grape tomatoes, leftists have decided that their updated, albeit obviously strange version of truth (which really boils down to preference), is the only way to enjoy fruit, period.

Herein lies the issue, and the reason all non-leftists (conservatives, moderates, libertarians, capitalists, classical liberals, etc.) think the modern left is insane: human tastes change constantly. What’s considered normal is always in flux: laws, opinions, fashion, decency; it’s always evolving. What’s infuriating is that the left knows this but refuses to acknowledge that they themselves could have ever perpetuated any of the grievous crimes they claim to hate—of eating a fruit salad without tomatoes.

No, according to their thought doctrine, this type of disgusting behavior is systemic within the culture; not fluidly changing based on historical preference—as if the left has never contributed to the culture at large. Anyone with an ounce of conventional wisdom knows that not only is this notion patently false, but is also completely opposite of reality: leftist ideologues literally create the culture each generation over and over again. Simply put, they are the culture; a feat they’re always proud of unless they are being rightfully outed for their own abhorrent behavior. They want to have the cake and eat it, too.

Simply put, they are the culture; a feat they’re always proud of unless they are being rightfully outed for their own abhorrent behavior.

But here’s where it gets funny. The tolerant left, who proudly identify as bastions of self-proclaimed social intelligentsia beyond the perceptual scope of sleepwalking racists, has actually changed the rules to their own game so many times that they themselves often trip over their own old track marks. What was once seen as overwrought by them eventually becomes their own battle cry for more social regulation. Let’s look more closely at this notion.

If there exists one single leftist who still wonders why the rest of the country calls you a hypocrite, this is why: you lament that which your ideology created and propagated, but refuse to take any of the blame. What’s worse, you project the blame onto your political rivals, all the while floating through life with apathy fairies dancing in your head: “I don’t care what you do, or what you do, or what you do…oh, as long as it aligns perfectly with my worldview. Oh, and you should know my worldview bucks conventional wisdom. Oh, and if bucking conventional wisdom turns out wrong in ten years, I will act like my worldview never existed at all. Why? Because I’m determined to be on the right side of history, no matter how many attempts it takes!” And then they all high five most likely.

And yet we, the logical moderates and conservatives, are the sleepwalkers and ignorant masses?

Britney Spears was chewed up and spit out by a culture machine that claims to care about humanity, but really uses all of its talent as cannon fodder. It’s the dirty little secret that the gossip industry was built upon: the people who claim the highest moral superiority also enjoy talking the most shit. Feminism loves to blame men, but women are much harder on each other than men would ever dream to be. Say the right thing, but always get what you want; these are leftist values without question.

By its very design, the culture machine was entirely built upon these leftist values and ideals, like nihilism (nothing really matters but carnal pleasure, since everything is broken anyways) and destruction of individuality (which it skillfully claims to love but squelches anytime that individuality strays from the allowed rhetoric even slightly). They are like children on a baseball diamond, kicking up massive dust storms and then crying because dirt got into their eyes. Even worse, they lament a world that would even allow for dirt to get into their eyes, and then try to actively ruin any person’s life who points out their absurdity. Britney Spears was never seen as anything but a commodity to these people, but to express any concern for her actual wellbeing would’ve been seen as prudish, naïve, or stifling—the same pejoratives attached to modern criticisms of feminism, gender studies, and common sense race relations. Now in 2021, all of a sudden, not standing in utter dismay of the way Britney was treated makes you a misogynist prick. Well no shit Sherlock, that’s what conservatives told you twenty years ago, and continue to tell you today about the other ridiculous “causes” that the left bungles on a daily basis.

Do you see what’s happening? The leftist outrage machine, which never actually satisfies any real goal other than destruction, is assimilating mainstream conservative views and CLAIMING THEM AS THEIR OWN. And because it is in their nature to fall in love with extremes, the left is choosing some of the harshest old world conservative principles to align with, like Puritanism and religious persecution! Most Republicans are much more liberal than ever before, and really just want to be left alone. So what the left is both damning in one breath and emulating in the next really doesn’t even exist in the magnitude that they think, and the whole charade becomes a self-own in an echo-chamber. In other words, leftists have become modern day Crusaders, attacking all that they deem heresy to their religion of The Fruity Tomato while the majority of us just go on reading the actual Bible. No wonder they feel nihilistic; living that way really is pointless.

The only slight satisfaction non-tomato worshippers can glean from this fiasco is the knowingness that something as warped, stretched, and manipulated as leftism has become will eventually fail. There is no structural integrity to a house built on the sand, and the left’s views are like castles in the waves. Give it a minute, and you won’t even know it was there.

They don’t seem to realize that by highlighting their own flimsy attitudes and actions from just twenty years ago, they are subconsciously declaring a total lack of direction at large. It’s not like the ideals of be a good person, don’t exploit others, and don’t be a creep just didn’t exist in 2003. Social media just made their hypocrisy harder to get away with. Even though they lack direction, they’ll undoubtedly keep fighting ‘til the bloody end, just because it feels good. Rest easy, though, logical reader. Circular logic, moving goal posts, massive dust clouds, and shitty fruit salads will eventually expose them for what they are: transient emotionalists lacking in any real wisdom.

It’s not like the ideals of be a good person, don’t exploit others, and don’t be a creep just didn’t exist in 2003. Social media just made their hypocrisy harder to get away with.

So what can we extrapolate from this mess? That ten years from now, you can basically guarantee that something within today’s leftist ideology will be deemed inappropriate by leftists themselves. Something that the radical left is willing to ruin your life and career over, today, will be seen as an “oops, just kidding” down the line. So stop pandering, and stop apologizing. Very few of them will ever recognize their own hypocrisy because in ten years the monster will look unrecognizable, though it really will not have changed in the slightest. As long as it feels right to target your safety, hobbies, and way of life today, it must be right, which leaves absolutely no room for growth or contrition. It is an ideology based in stagnation but dolled up in the lipstick of progress.

And there’s the rub: when you claim to care equally about the group (communism, socialism, main street versus Wall Street, etc.) as you do the outliers (fringe issues like non-binary sexuality, isolated hate crimes, special interest groups, etc.), you can never really do any wrong, but you also can never really get anything done. The force of political energy is like tug-of-war, except they aren’t tugging with conservatives (like politicians and the media claim), but rather fighting with their own circular logic. It must feel infuriating to work so hard yet feel so helpless.

Apparently, though, the payoff isn’t in getting what they want, but rather feeling perpetually frustrated in the lack of ever achieving it. Pain really does feel like pleasure to an insane person. Honestly, though, who the hell even really knows what someone lacking in wisdom wants? My guess is that they just enjoy the adrenaline rush of the attack, even though they fail to see that the attack has always been more aimed towards themselves and less towards conservatives. When you oversee the entire culture factory for decades and still hate what the world has become, the realization of ineptitude must be sobering. Deep down you must know it to be your own fault on some level, even if such an admission of guilt will never see the light of day. Cannibalism within the left is the likeliest future outcome, but they’ll make sure as many casualties as possible are inflicted on both sides of the aisle during this kamikaze mission. Sports leagues and their surrounding orbits are the latest victims of the farce, though hopefully the momentum of constant contradiction fizzles out sooner than later. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and the House of the Left knows nothing but division. Eventually, it will fall.

Therefore Leftists, please take your own advice about leaving Britney alone, and stop trying to fight a culture war that you yourselves started, propagated, and now wag your finger towards. You can only cry wolf so many times before help stops coming, and I assure you, nobody outside of your fruity faith will extend you any self-effacing grace unless an attempt at common sense is made. In other words, you’ll get exactly what you gave the rest of us: condemnation. Try listening to your own rhetoric and let people live individually, however they want, and watch as everything you have been fighting for slowly starts coming into actual focus. Whatever you give your attention to only grows, so start caring about actual unconditional love, and less about the pointlessness of consequences. The possibility of ever seeing your utopia come to fruition will depend on a bit of wisdom sprinkled in with all of the self-righteousness.