Daily Meds VII: Light as a Feather

Daily Meditations, or Daily Meds, are a collection of quick-hitting thoughts meant to help you focus your own personal meditative practice each morning. Read the Daily Med, but don’t dwell on it too long. Take the feeling into a fifteen minute meditation and see how your outlook slowly improves each day.

Be light; be calm”

Do you remember the feather from Forest Gump? Floating freely through the breeze, it meanders from place to place, unsure as to exactly where it will land. Those scenes can express the calmness or a chaos of life, depending on your outlook, but regardless they convey a fundamental truth: the feather will be fine no matter where it lands; it is light, it is calm, it is accepting of the world’s energy. You don’t worry if the feather will break upon impact, or if one landing spot is preferable to another. Eventually it finds itself in the hands of a tremendous social force, a man with no privileges except his acceptance of life, and you as the audience feel good for the feather. It will be cherished with Gump, it will be prized. It could have just as easily ended up in a puddle driven over by a bus, but it landed in the hands of a wealthy, loving, kind individual. In this life the best you can hope for is a strong breeze in one direction, but to attain any sort of peace you must embrace your role as the feather. Work ethic, prayer, learning, and fitness are all weather machines—use them to your everlasting advantage. If you can get all of the world’s breezes blowing in the right direction, your feather will almost certainly land in the fields of an amazing, worthwhile life, full of love, money, and power. You get what you want by surrendering everything. These are the motifs of Christianity, and the laws of a life lived exclusively in the present moment. Can you imagine if the feather spent its entire flight anxiously wondering about a different trajectory? This is the sickness of mankind, the insanity. Be the feather, cultivate the breeze, and watch miracles unfold.

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