Daily Meds VIII: Feelings of Accomplishment

Daily Meditations, or Daily Meds, are a collection of quick-hitting thoughts meant to help you focus your own personal meditative practice each morning. Read the Daily Med, but don’t dwell on it too long. Take the feeling into a fifteen minute meditation and see how your outlook slowly improves each day.

Twists and turns”

Pretty amazing things happen when you buckle down and just get the work done. We live in a society where comfort is the ultimate goal, and comforts are an incredibly important aspect of living, but taking aligned action is your truest purpose on this planet. The path toward enlightenment will twist and turn, but the first step, the first signpost you encounter, is simply a call to work. Even the most confused, depressed mind will react positively to a feeling of accomplishment—it is one of the mental headspaces you cannot fake or replicate, and you cannot feel absolute torment while experiencing it. If you are experiencing apathy, which I have certainly endured before, start accomplishing small but important creative tasks to get some momentum: write a one paragraph blog, paint a quick picture, write a poem about the pain you feel, or take it another direction and rearrange your furniture, or clean out your closet, or wash your car. If you can muster it, go out and give someone a sincere compliment. The brief human connection will give you a burst of aliveness that you desperately crave. If you are further along your journey and not weighed down by the pain of depressive apathy but still a bit stuck in your head, explore a new hobby, no matter how nerdy or silly. Just make sure it is a hobby in which you actively do something, not watching movies or playing video games (these hobbies are totally fine, but will not give you a sense of real accomplishment), and then take it a step further. Go online and find a group of similar enthusiasts and cold call them; make them invite you into their group. People only feel oddly defensive in new situations for a moment, soon your love of the work will shine through and they will be attracted to your passion. The entire process starts with your own action.

*If you’re just getting started on your spiritual journey, or want to better understand some of the terminology we use in Daily Meds, consider picking up The Integrity Method, the backbone of the IFL Club and all of its content.