Daily Meds March 2, 2021

Daily Meditations, or Daily Meds, are a collection of quick-hitting thoughts meant to help you focus your own personal meditative practice each morning. Read the Daily Med, but don’t dwell on it too long. Take the feeling into a fifteen minute meditation and see how your outlook slowly improves each day.

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

The wind may blow…”

You will never understand the causal relationship of every moment of your life to every other moment in your life. You will never understand every complexity of the world. You will never “see” the Matrix, or pull all of the strings, or coordinate the battle from a hilltop perch. You are not as important as you think yourself to be, but through that revelation, you can be truly free. Giving up the desperate need for control is the only way to take full control of your life, because then you are no longer a slave to circumstance or stimulus. Something out there pulls your strings and coordinates your battles; but it cannot carry out the actual act for you. Yes, this logically means that you are a feather in the wind in the metaphysical sense, but you are a damn resourceful feather. You are a feather with five senses, with four appendages, and with nature’s most complex supercomputer on board. The wind may blow you about, and sometimes your flight may be turbulent, or your landing rocky, but you can soar in all directions. Ask the universe “why?” and it will always respond with “why not?”. Embrace your natural inferiority to gain supreme superiority.