How To Manifest Twice the Money With Half the Work

Learning how the Law of Attraction affects your daily manifestations will give you the permission to pursue happiness as the primary goal, maybe for the first time in your entire life, because you will understand how all subsequent outcomes unfold as a result of the emotional work.

But of course we’re human, and we prefer to see and smell and taste and touch our manifestations, so we often try to bypass the emotional work (which feels dull) by exerting wild amounts of effort. We think that effort, which has a tangible quality, is steadily exerted every waking moment, then other tangible outcomes have a higher probability of manifesting as well.

Daily Meds, or Daily Meditations, are quick-hitting bits of practical advice to contemplate before starting your day. If you can resist the temptation to check your phone or turn on the news first thing in the morning and, instead, start your day with quiet, focused reflection, then you will begin attracting the highest quality outcomes into your life. Such is the basis of the Law of Attraction.

In actuality, though, the effort manifests as mostly wasted energy, like trying to push an anvil across a field instead of rolling it on wheels, which is why life begins to feel like a never-ending struggle as we proceed. Like most good advice in life, the majority of people can’t hear this distinction, and instead work doubly hard and clamor endlessly for more “fairness” or “equality” to try to fit their square peg into a round hole. Why not try using the universal leverage at your disposal?

If you are thinking in terms of dollars for effort, then you are establishing a paradigm in which only so many dollars can ever be earned, because there are only so many hours in the day. You are essentially just hoping for someone to pay you an equivalency for what you are “earning,” which sounds fair on the surface, but even then you are at the mercy of their determination of equivalency.

In other words, even in an egalitarian society in which you get fair access to the possibility of opportunity, your value of effort and your employer’s value of effort will rarely coincide perfectly. Combine this truth with the fact that you belong to a competitive species, and soon you find yourself having to exert twice the effort that you feel is tied to your value just to keep your job from being outsourced to someone else.

Again, it’s at this point that ignorance usually reigns supreme, and the masses of fools who inherently sense this unfairness but refuse to abandon their ideology of effort start protesting, rioting, and calling for reformation of laws. They think they are a part of something revolutionary, but in actuality they are just living out their simple conditioning by working twice as hard for half the result. Little, if anything, ever changes except for the negative attitudes held by those who don’t understand how prosperity flows.

The key to bridging the gap is changing your perspective about worthiness without abandoning the positive aspects that currently serve you. Some people hear the argument against blind effort and feel the need to fight for their worldview by using extremes like homelessness or poverty to make their arguments. What they fail to understand is that we live in a universe governed by attraction, not assertion.

The Law of Attraction guarantees that you will attract that which is a match to your emotional output, but emotion is a complicated matrix. Whatever manifestations you currently enjoy in your life prove that some aspects of your emotional output are working in your favor.

If working extremely hard truly makes you happy, then you should keep working hard. But if you closely examine your attitudes and behaviors, you are probably taking pleasure from a couple positive aspects of life, but mostly feeding off of resentment or exasperation for fuel. The hard work is actually just distracting you from an otherwise miserable existence.

Therefore changing the attitudes of existence may also change the actions that surround your existence as well, and that is fine—in some cases much better than fine. No matter where you find yourself currently, even if you don’t really know if certain aspects are serving you or not, the entire practice of aligning with universal leverage comes down to one maxim: you must care about how you feel, always. Once this becomes your highest calling, you won’t feel the need to argue for your limitations or look to poke holes in good advice ever again. You’ll be too busy bathing in pure abundance.

Changing your emotional perspective is as easy as switching from a paradigm of doing to a paradigm of thinking—not necessarily being aware of your thoughts (which is just thinking about thinking and will drive you crazy), but being aware of how you feel when you think them. Striving for the best feeling thought at all times put you into a receptive mindset where abundance can flow to you, instead of relying on desperate effort to clutch at life’s small prizes.

You may not have the ability to immediately quit your difficult job that has been a burden of difficulty for years, but you do have the ability to appreciate more of which you are doing. You have the ability to think more positive thoughts than negative thoughts. You have the ability to praise more in others than you criticize in others. All of these simple emotional actions put you in inexplainable situations, day after day, in which things keep going right for you because you are attracting them into your experience.

Your friends and family will think you’re lucky, or that you must finally be working hard and fulfilling your potential, but in actuality all you’ve done is shift your point of attraction. If you can mix this new point of attraction with a goal that invigorates you and a set of habits that serve you (like punctuality, responsibility, and honor), anything you could ever dream of will flow into your experience.

You won’t need to fight the establishment for more fairness because you’ll be determining exactly what you get out of this life, and will likely be eager to share it with others instead of entertaining their negativity and doubt. This is the true nature of becoming the change you want to see in the world, and it couldn’t be simpler. Care about how you feel.

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