The Best Trick to Naturally Cure Your Anxiety

Do you often feel anxiety, like you’re stuck in the monotony of day-to-day living?

Do you feel like something is missing in terms of vibrancy, zest, or aliveness in your life?

If so, it is because you are simply failing to recognize the ease and wellbeing which naturally dominate the flow of your life. The perfect tilt of this planet, the incredible power of the sun, the bountiful creation of Earthly harvest; we live in a miracle of cosmic perfection.

In fact, so much must go perfectly right each and every day to even afford you the luxury of time and space to feel negative. This grand life may exist beyond our comprehension in some ways, but that doesn’t mean you must resist its blessings while you search for answers. Allowing yourself to enjoy the exhilarating ride is the point, and the only person that ever resists the powerful rapids of wellbeing in favor of exhaustion or heartbreak is you.

Everything that you could ever want, desire, or hope to accomplish is waiting for you downstream; your daily work is learning how to align your vessel with the rapids that will carry you to them. Anxiety will immediately diminish, too.

Unfortunately, when you hear work, you think of strain and struggle.

You think of all that could possibly go wrong if the job isn’t done and if the day isn’t difficult. Feeling the fear of certain doom, you rush out and chop down a tree with all of your strength, drag it back to your shop and start whittling until you have a paddle. Tired and worried, you feel a small sense of relief because now you can fight against the current of life with more vigor.

But the reward of relief lasts only a day or so, if even that long. You still haven’t figured out how to get what you want (so you can finally relax and really be happy), but at least you have a paddle now. After all, anyone who was ever worth remembering was a whittler, too, right?

But if everything you could ever want is downstream, then why are you trying to paddle upstream, instead? Upstream has already been lived; there is nothing worth going back for, especially not at the expense of all of your energy and sanity.

Stop trying to paddle against the river of life. Taking control of the water’s flow seems like the wise thing to do to a human mind obsessed with survival, but trying to control the uncontrollable only introduces massive resistance into your experience. Energetic resistance to “what is” causes negative emotions like fear, sadness, or anger.

Live in a perpetual state of resistance for long periods of time (like most of us do over the course of a lifetime), and those common emotions transform into anxiety, despondency, and depression. The vibrancy and zest that you naturally crave cannot survive in the rocky shores of upstream discontent, so why keep fighting against life?

All you need to do is to drop the beloved paddle you cling to so tightly.

Dissolving resistance to life itself will greatly alleviate the burden of navigation that we as humans hold so dear, which causes the anxiety. But the true nature of life is much more profound than the imagery of a boat and a paddle.

You are more than a runaway raft at the mercy of the river, and you are even more than the captain of the vessel. To truly embrace life and become one with its mysterious affectations, you must embrace your role as the river itself.

Your life continues to flow daily, in many typical, carved out ways, at the universal behest of forces beyond your control; but every now and again the water rises and new journeys begin. Often your river finds and joins with another river, and tributaries are formed.

Embrace the movement, embrace the flow. An attitude of gentle, loving acceptance will dissolve the resistance you’ve practiced so diligently, and make space for the natural blessings of an Earthly existence to flow into your experience with remarkable consistency.