How Law of Attraction Can Control Others (Ethically)

Do you crave more authority over your own life? Are you tired of feeling victimized by a world that never seems to understand nor appreciate you?

To feel more empowered (or any other way that you currently don’t feel), you must “do” something differently; otherwise, you’ll keep experiencing the same results. What’s required, though, isn’t a change in behavior, but rather a change in the perception of behavior around you. You must stop fighting the world if you truly want to control it. There’s no such thing as “no” in this attraction-based universe. There’s only attraction, there’s no assertion.

When something happens to you that you don’t want or don’t condone, and someone else is involved, it feels like they are after you and thus you feel resistance about it. You want to “push” it away. But remember the premise: there’s no assertion. If we accept the premise, it means that if it’s coming, it’s being attracted by you.

Most people reject the premise, not because it is wrong, but because it makes them feel guilty rather than empowered. Guilt not only feels terrible, but it also seeks punishment, making it one of the most tormenting emotions a human being can experience. No wonder we develop the habit of blaming others instead of accepting responsibility for our own attraction.

It has become commonplace to call negative outcomes towards one’s self, blame others for the fault, and then repeat the cycle of vexed perplexity again and again. They think that their woes are caused by assertion, and thus try to rely upon assertion to fix the problem. The faux-assertion attracts more negative outcomes, and the cycle perpetuates itself until the insanity is recognized. To warped minds in the grips of discontent, the only antidote to pain is more pain.

So then what’s the magic to be gleaned in this marvelous revelation? That you’re running the show with your own vibration, completely and perfectly. In other words, by prioritizing the control of your own emotions, you can control the actions of those around you with your mind and actions. How is this not assertion, you may ask? It’s not assertion because the process is one totally comprised of self-development: you determine the vibrational frequency with which to attract outcomes into your life, either consciously or unconsciously.

If you enter a moment with focused, pure, positive emotion, the competing (sloppier) emotion of the other person will either clean itself up and rise to your level, or flee from you completely. Either outcome is attractive to you, and whichever outcome the other person chooses is attractive to them, as well, so it’s a win-win. Conversely, Law of Attraction worked perfectly for them, as well: their sloppy emotion (some good feelings, some bad) attracted an opportunity from the universe in the form of an interaction with you, and then they got to choose how to respond in the moment based on their own level of focus. If they appreciated the frequency of your focus and rose to you, then you just co-created a beautiful moment — a win-win. If they opted to flee, instead, ducking for cover amidst the stagnant emotions that they are more accustomed to experiencing (focusing on), then their absence from your life in that moment freed you up to attract and co-create with someone more ready for your own level of focus. Either way, Law of Attraction worked perfectly, and you experienced the benefit (or further subjected yourself to the hardship) of the law, based upon your level of focus.

white clouds

Practically, what does this lesson truly mean? More specifically, how can Law of Attraction (aka your own focus) be the culprit if your emotions are high, but something still does not go as planned?

For example: Say you want a business meeting to go well, and you’ve calibrated your mood upwards beforehand, and you’re sure that you walked in with strong, loving emotion emanating from you, but the person still says “no” to your idea; what happened?

On the surface, it seems as if you received a negative outcome despite positive emotion — that the person has asserted their power over you, keeping you away from your goal with their refusal. “Of course assertion is possible,” you say after such an encounter, thinking that life in unfair and random. But no, the laws of universal attraction still worked perfectly, just perhaps in an abstract way that you do not fully understand but subconsciously desire. You see, the Law of Attraction responds to your true intentions (your vibration), not your surface desires. If you attracted a “no,” then it’s because something about your own core desires (vibration) did not align with that person’s offerings in this particular instance. Perhaps you were actually opening up a different “yes” down the line. Perhaps the “yes” will satisfy needs or desires that you haven’t even fully realized, yet. Perhaps you will look back and call that “no” a blessing in disguise one day. Once you accept and internalize that all outcomes are predicated upon your own emotions (vibrations), and then take the time to develop the best emotions that you can muster daily, you begin to see every encounter, both the “yes” and “no” of life, as blessings.

The mysteriousness but perfect accuracy of the Law of Attraction means that you have but one chief, daily task, and that is to feel your best and then trust the law to bring the appropriate outcomes. Those who will satisfy your truest desires in ways that will be of most benefit to you will be attracted to you if you make positive focus your daily priority. This power of unrestricted, positive thought will feel like you are literally controlling them; and perhaps that is true in a sense. But what is really happening is that you are controlling your own point of focus with such precision that the universal laws will bend and shape your reality in ways that cannot be fully understood.

Therefore, we can reasonably conclude that the best and only way to reliably control others is to first control one’s self, thoroughly and completely, with purity of focus. Feel good in each moment as best you can, for it is both your strongest tool and your life’s ultimate purpose.

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