Surrender to the Thoughtless to Defeat the Ego

Daily Meds XVIII

Thoughtlessness and its counterpart, surrender, fly in the face of every survival instinct you’ve developed over the course of a lifetime. And yet, as we know, the mind always craves the exact opposite of what the world offers.

The world sees thoughtlessness, or presence, as a weakness. But really, presence is the state of being in which you seek. Such is the great paradox of life; no other contradiction will ever trouble you as much as this. Even the act of considering the paradox, itself, betrays the wisdom of presence. There is only one act that satisfies the mind (but inflames the ego), and that is the act of surrender.

Like anything in this life that you crave, the only reason you do not have it is because you have not surrendered to it, yet. Fear is all that can keep you away from your success. Therefore, the thing you want most is the thing you fear most, which is why you want it but do not yet have it. Again, a paradox, and an invitation for fury from an ego that is conditioned to fight for its place in life.

Do you need to face the fear in order to vanquish it? Yes, but not in a combative way. Surrender to it, instead, which means simply: grant it permission to come into your life and slowly fade. The only way to surrender to anything is to love it more than you wish to fight it.

Ask the cancer survivor of surrender, or the alcoholic; they know the feeling well. For many, they must face death to truly appreciate life. In what other ways can you surrender to life, choose stillness over chaos, and defeat the paradox without swinging a single sword?

Sometimes surrender looks like humbling yourself to others, even if you know you are right and they are wrong. Sometimes it looks like giving up your favorite vice — the thing that temporarily saves you from insanity. And sometimes it means simply meditating instead of choosing to spend time on your phone.

Whatever you must face to reach thoughtless presence, it will be worth it. Fear will tell you differently, but fear is a liar, because fear is just a collection of voices you have subconsciously collected over a lifetime. The ego fears nothing more than its own death, but that is the path to freedom. Terrify yourself, then retreat into stillness. You’ll find out just how wonderful life was meant to be.

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