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You are either the creator or that which is created. You are the master of reality or reality’s slave.

The Integrity Method, Day 41

What is IFL?

The In For Life Club is a radical new kind of self-help community where you will “re-learn” the core fundamentals of successful living which you intrinsically “knew” at birth, but slowly forgot.

We are a lifestyle brand and an information company blended together; a place where you become your best self by following one rule: feel your best at all times. This rule — which is vital information that unfortunately becomes an afterthought for so many unhappy people — will soon change your entire lifestyle.

You see, your emotions are a guidance system; they’re a moment by moment insight into your life’s current trajectory. When you feel good, you attract good outcomes. When you feel great, you attract better outcomes. When you feel superhuman, you are wholly, unequivocally In For Life. That’s where we want to go, together.

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Whatever you decide about the universe is true. It agrees with you; therefore, you are always correct.

The Integrity Method, Day 12

How It Works

Put simply: at some early point in your life, you were told a lie. Someone (a well-meaning parent, teacher, or mentor), convinced you that life would be most enjoyable for you if you made them happy instead of pursuing your own positive emotion. Rather than encouraging you to follow your own bliss, these people demanded that your behavior fit into their own mold, even if that meant abandoning your guidance system. Follow me, they said, and do what I do if you want to survive.

In essence, they taught you to care what they think more than to care what you yourself feel. To thoroughly convince you, they warned you that life was both ruthless and treacherous, and that the only way to get through it was to suffer. Again, another lie.

Here’s the truth: there is no universal maxim about the nature of life, except that you can choose to view this life however you please. In other words, however you approach life is how it will respond to you.

Whatever ails you — be it anxiety, depression, anger issues, or any number of other psychological conditions — derives from the same lie: that life is a struggle at its core. Why do you think you seek approval from others, or find yourself constantly serving the needs of others? That’s where your praise came from, so you became addicted to the feeling, even if it didn’t serve you.

If you feel utterly powerless, or at the effect of life rather than the cause, then it’s time to make a new choice. You are the creator of your reality, period. So why not create something spectacular?

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Once you’ve experienced a taste of conscious understanding, the reactive, false self that lived within you for so long should start to feel foreign.

The Integrity Method, Day 27

To recap: if you currently find yourself interested in self-help or self-development, it is almost certainly because you are operating with a dysfunctional view of reality. Your entire “problem” can be boiled down to one fallacy: life is difficult and must be conquered — that only the strong survive!

In this headspace, you must fight for your place in the world by asserting your will over others, all the while avoiding their assertions over yours. Good luck with that fight, for it will never end. You will never figure out a perfect strategy for success while relying on assertion.

Why? Because the world is actually based on attraction, not assertion. You attract the components of your world; you do not take them by force or exclude them with disgust. Whatever you give your attention to is what you will ultimately reap, so it is high-time you stopped giving your attention to the “unwanted.” Invite only that which is wanted into your experience and watch as all of the complexities, frustrations, and anxieties of life gently fade away.

This work must be prioritized daily if you are to “un-learn” years of programming. By understanding the fundamental laws of universal creation, you will slowly take off the goggles and see the world for what it is: a playground of incredible variety. Finally, you will be out of the pain cycle and In For Life, instead.

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Why It Matters

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We believe that all people are both teachers and students, and that the only real prerequisite for success is learning to feel good no matter the circumstance. Once you start blending a strong mind with a passionate appreciation for life, watch out, because all of your wildest dreams are about to come true. The only rule here is to celebrate your life and allow others to do the same.

How does that celebration look to you? If a feeling of celebration is too hard to feel right now, you should consider a personally-tailored COACHING EXPERIENCE to get up to speed. We can help supercharge your progress in just six weeks. Bottom line: whatever makes you feel good is exactly what you should be doing. Reading The Integrity Method and checking in with a coach to answer questions each week will make you feel really, really good.

The point here, always, is to have fun and be your absolute happiest self. Whether you want to teach or to learn, to observe or to network, we have you covered. This is your heart’s own personal country club, a place where you are needed and wanted. As long as you love this crazy life unconditionally (meaning, you don’t need good things to happen to you in order to feel good), then you can never make a mistake.

Welcome my friend, to your new life. The party has already started, but it’s just now getting good.

Getting Started

Life is a celebration of your radiant perfection, as long as you choose it to be so.

The Integrity Method, Day 42