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“You are either the creator or that which is created. You are the master of reality or reality’s slave.”

The Integrity Method, Day 41

What is IFL?

The In For Life Club is a radical new kind of self-help community where neighbors help neighbors learn to live their truest, happiest lives. We are a lifestyle brand and an information company blended together; a place where you can be yourself and become your best self. Spiritual life coaching based in Law of Attraction methodology is our first and primary teaching. But expansion is always inevitable. Anything you feel like teaching or learning about is a possibility for tomorrow. You may be that expansion.

People benefit most from knowledge and from love. We want you to learn something new and feel great while doing it. Everyone is good at something, so everyone can teach their neighbor how to be good at it, too. If you can combine intellect and emotion—the mind and the heart—into a focused and joyful experience, nothing is impossible. Keep scrolling to see how it all works.

“Whatever you decide about the universe is true. It agrees with you; therefore, you are always correct.”

The Integrity Method, Day 12

We believe that all people are both teachers and students, and that the only real prerequisite for success is learning to feel good no matter the circumstance. Once you start blending a strong mind with a passionate appreciation for life, watch out, because all of your wildest dreams are about to come true. The only rule here is to celebrate your life and allow others to do the same.

How does that celebration look to you? Maybe you just want to READ interesting articles and network with likeminded people. We have fresh daily content to read and a growing audience of Lifers who would love to work with you one day. Maybe you want to share your thoughts by SUBMITTING your own, fully-credited opinion pieces and informational courses for the world to enjoy. This could be your chance to cultivate an audience and start doing what you love for a living. Or maybe you want to get up to speed to the secrets of the universe with a personally tailored COACHING EXPERIENCE and start manifesting your best life. We can help supercharge your progress in just six weeks. Bottom line: whatever makes you feel good is exactly what you should be doing.

The point here, always, is to come to have fun and be your absolute happiest self. Whether you want to teach or to learn, to observe or to network, we have you covered. This is your heart’s own personal country club, a place where you are needed and wanted. As long as you love this crazy life unconditionally, you can never make a mistake. Keep reading to get started.

How It Works

“Be brash, be loud, be politically incorrect, but be wildly and unconditionally loving of your brothers and sisters. The hateful losers of social media will never understand this nuance because they think satisfaction comes from criticism. Stop trying to gain their approval. It won’t make you any happier.”

Just Damn Good Advice

Teach For Us

We want to hear and publish your stories because writing is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself on a daily basis. Depression, fear, and anxiety aren’t dirty words here. They are the common state of humanity until you decide to allow something better into your life. Let the world hear your voice no matter how you think it sounds.

We welcome writers and teachers of all skill and experience levels. IFL Club can help build an audience, attract coaching clientele, or sell books. However you want to use our platform is your choice, as long as your content aligns with our goals of informational teaching and our brand awareness philosophy.

IFL Club will happily link your creative work or informational courses in our IFL STORE page. We would also love for you to submit blogs or timely articles about whatever interests you (we reserve the right to edit for length, grammar, and clarity, but will do our best to preserve the author’s voice).

Submit your stories and courses to inforlifeclub@gmail.com.

To Be A Writer, You Have To Write.

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