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The Integrity Method Private Consulting

PLEASE READ: Private consulting and mentorship is examined on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to honor all requests. If you’d like to apply, please keep scrolling.

I’m not a “life coach,” nor have I ever worked with one. I’m an author and a writer, which makes me a keen observer; to you, I’ll be a friend. I’ll listen and offer honest, raw feedback based in esoteric principles. Together, we can turn your entire life around quickly and efficiently.

Although the core of this work is rooted in ‘choice,’ I like to jokingly believe that this work “chose” me. If it has chosen you, as well, then you’re in the right place. – TK

Welcome, weary traveler. I bet you didn’t know that the only way to ever have what you want is to first feel your best. From positive emotions, anything is possible.

The only way to guarantee better feelings is to strengthen your spiritual awareness.

Even if you manage to make millions of dollars without being strong in spirit, the rest of your life will feel like misery. There’s just no way around it; you must learn the secrets of spirituality to feel totally fulfilled in this life.

Today may be the day you are ready to take the leap and start getting this part of your life handled.

Or, as the Buddha said, you may need a little more suffering first.

There is no shame in needing more time, but you will have to come to terms with the missed opportunity. One day, you’ll wonder why you felt badly for all those years.

Are you ready to be In For Life? Or do you need to keep suffering a bit longer?

If you’ve come here today ready to take action, click on the link below, which will open your preferred email provider.

Tell me a bit about yourself, like your occupation, your passions, your experience with “spirituality” and “self-help” programs, and your greater goals — both for your career and for your personal life.

I want to help everyone that wants help, but private consulting is all about personality fit, time, and expectations. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Anyone making such promises doesn’t understand what this process is all about. If your goals align with what I’m able to offer, I will reach out to schedule a free consultation call. (Don’t worry, this isn’t meant to scare you off. I just want people who really really want to be here!)

Here’s the good news, though: I want everyone who fits the criteria to get a chance to experience The Integrity Method Course, so I’ve made it more affordable than most similar products out there.

That’s right, by enrolling in the course, you’re not only getting exclusive, one-on-one mentorship and consultation from me, but also you won’t have to feel badly about the price.

This life-altering experience won’t cost thousands of dollars like some consultants charge. I charge just enough to make you really care about your progress and take the course seriously. Nobody has the time to do this type of work halfway; not you, and not me (this is exactly why most “semi spiritual” people never actually become successful — they don’t really commit).

Plus, my own personal goals range much further than consulting alone. I do this work because I love it and because I want to help spread the information at a reasonable price. To me, it is as much a public service as it is a portion of my career, which is why I intentionally keep the price low.

But, if I charged only the price of a cup of coffee, then you would subconsciously treat it like a cup of coffee. I want you to value the experience as much as we value offering it.

So when you enroll, you’re getting an incredible, tailored six week course experience at the right price for both you and me. This means you have absolutely no reason not to email about a free consultation.

If this is something that you really care about, and have been thinking about giving it a shot, now’s the time to take the leap of faith and say hello!

If you’re still on the fence, then let me go ahead and reveal to you the exact reason you are currently nervous, anxious, unfulfilled, lonely, or broke.

Why am I willing to give away my mentorship course’s biggest secret for free? Because I know that changing direction in life is a monumental process. It takes time, effort, and willpower — and that’s assuming you know which new direction to go in!

Even if you know my secret, maximizing its benefit in your own life will feel nearly impossible without someone to help guide the process.

Basically, you have two options at this point: spend the next five years or so reading every book you can find and listening to thousands of hours of lectures and seminars… OR invest a fraction of the time and money into yourself now, today.

I’ll admit it: all of the information I can share with you is already available out there. This knowledge is thousands of years old; nobody, not even the most famous life coaches on the planet, have come up with anything they didn’t learn from someone else.

And that’s okay! We’re all in this together, our ancestors and our contemporaries. They either did the research (slow way) or paid for help (quick way); it’s that simple.

If you’re willing to work for it, then you can have it, too, for “free.” But you will pay with your time and your unanswered questions.

Conversely, you can learn the vast majority of this ancient knowledge in just six weeks with personalized guidance fromThe Integrity Method Course.

As for myself? I chose the long route: hundreds of books, recordings, and seminars. And if consulting is something you want to pursue as a career one day personally, you’ll probably be better served doing the hard work as well. This information is deeply ingrained in me, now, and nobody can take it away.

But for anyone else, a six week course is absolutely perfect because you’ll be flooded with the exact information you need to feel better and be more successful; no sifting or sorting needed.

You see, the secret toThe Integrity Method Course (and success in general) which I alluded to earlier, is simple: allowing the right kind of constructive energy into your experience. If you’re feeling less than stellar, it is because you are pinching off your natural flow of wellbeing and prosperity.

Many people think that in order to be happy, they must toil and struggle for riches. They think they must fight for their place in the sun. This is nonsense. The Integrity Method Course will explain exactly who you are, why you do the things you do, and how to start allowing more abundance into your experience.

It’s the difference between pushing a boulder up a hill and using a pulley to do it effortlessly. And it’s all about choice.

You may be able to do some decent spiritual “surgery” on yourself without a consultant or mentor, but why would you want to take that risk? Let me do the heavy lifting for you, instead. All you will need to focus on is allowing the experience to change you in magnificent ways. There’s no financial obligation in sending an email.

I think mental health and personal development should complement your adventurous lifestyle, not replace it.

Life doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt to be happy. You don’t have to take any religious vows or give up your personality to be at peace with the world. Nor do you need something to change (like the government, or your version of social justice) to become empowered.

Actually, the opposite is true: the momentum of going with the flow of life with a smile on your face feels better than any process, program, or practice you can imagine. You can’t construct momentum; you have to allow it.

Why are momentous thoughts important? Because you get exactly what you think about in this world, and your thoughts determine how you feel.

If you can prioritize how you feel first, and then what you do second, the world will give you anything you want. Success is all about how you feel.

This is exactly why so many people get what they do not want in life. Instead of focusing on all of the amazing possibilities, they angrily criticize a vast, dynamic universe for encroaching on their experience.

As a result, they feel negative emotion. Practice these emotions enough, and nothing but negativity will enter your experience.

Would you ever go to a shopping mall and demand that the stores you don’t like to shop in be removed completely? But this is what we’ve been trained to do online for years now: irrationally complain about and attack everything we don’t intellectually support.

How can you be In for Life when you fundamentally despise and fear so many incredible aspects of life? It’s impossible.

It’s time for a rebellious band of unconditional lovers to come together and fight back against the insanity. No more criticism, no more hate, and no more resentment. One person tapped into the true power of focused success is stronger (and wealthier) than a million who aren’t.

Massive love and radical appreciation for your world are the answers you’ve been quietly and desperately searching for all these years.

So I ask you one more time: are you in for pain, in for struggle, and in for suffering? Or are you In For Life?